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The key to successful investing is in the power of knowledge. Coin and Treasure prides itself on taking a long-term and active role in the numismatic community. Serving a national client-base, Coin and Treasure offers many levels of expertise for all levels of collectors. We encourage you to browse our online selection of rare current inventory, Morgan Dollars and Proof Sets and contact us with any questions that you may have. We provide prompt and discreet service for all your rare coin needs.

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Coin and Treasure, buying your gold, silver, and platinum products for over 30 years in Lafayette, LA.

Gold and silver jewelry , silver flatware, scrap gold, silver or platinum in any form!

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$10 1932 Gold Eagle Indian, NGC MS64 #3322451-004

<p> <u><em><strong>$10 1932 Gold Eagle Indian, NGC MS64 #3322451-004. </strong></em></u>The $10 Eagle coin was the base-unit denomination from which all original U.S. gold coinage was minted. The $2.50 or quarter eagle, the $5 or half eagle and the $20 or Double Eagle are all derived from the $10 Eagle denomination. The term “Eagle” is often thought to be just a numismatic nomenclature, however, Eagle was "coined" by Congress in the Act of 1792 authorizing the establishment of the U.S. Mint and U.S. coinage. The $10 coins were minted from 1795 until 1933 when the United States was taken off of the gold standard. The $10 Indian head design was minted intermittently from 1907-1933 and was the second denomination that was given a facelift by famed American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Trends is $1600 and the Collector's Universe list is $1390.</p>